Produce with feeling! You create quality by using the right materials, and machines, and by taking the time to make a product. Leave behind “rushing quickly”. Good things take time. Additionally, it should be fun to do!

With our new machinery we can produce efficiently and deliver quality products.


At the moment we have a direct link from the drawing program to the CNC milling machine, so that we can skip a number of steps. The old-fashioned saw lists are no longer there. By drawing everything in 3D, we can then upload all parts directly into the machine. This means that we can produce a few pieces well, and certainly able to produce an entire series.


Bonding edges is not easy. With our fully CNC-controlled machine we can adjust to the hundredth of a millimetre and a good product comes out. In addition to a good machine, it is important that you know what you are doing with this machine. Skilfully adjusting the machine patiently and with great care is extremely important to achieve the desired result.


From round counter/ bar to complete walk-in wardrobe and wall cabinets. It’s all possible at MTC Interiors.

This is about the combination of experience, perseverance, and finesse. We have a team of employees, each with their own qualities. We certainly do not shy away from challenges.

Making beautiful things is what we do it for. There is nothing better than a satisfied customer!


All machines need maintenance and that is something that is often lacking. At MTC Interiors, the machines are cleaned and checked weekly by our own maintenance engineer. This creates little or no malfunctions and therefore a stable basis for production.


We don’t skimp on this! Good tools are half the battle.
By working with the right tools, work becomes fun, and it is not a difficult task!

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